In order to provide You a pleasant stay and to avoid any misunderstandings, You should read and get to know the following house rules.

• Check-in time is at 2 pm on the day of arrival.

• On the day of departure guests are required to leave the room until 11 am so that we can clean and prepare the room for the next guests that arrive at 2 pm

• If the guests are about to check-in after 8 pm they should contact and inform the house owner about late arrival.

• Quiet hours: from 11 pm, to 7 am

• We ask our guests to keep the room in good condition and to respect other guests.

• It is forbidden to remove appliances and equipment (towels, covers, chairs etc.) from the room

• House owner is not obliged to clean the room while guests are staying in.

• The house owner is responsible for changing bed linen and towels once a week.

• We ask our guests to turn off the lights and electrical appliances and to close all taps before exiting the room. We strongly encourage our guests to turn off air condition while there is no one in the room or when windows or doors are opened.

• Guests are obliged to take care of their belongings and precious items they leave in the room. The house owner is not responsible for any loss of the above mentioned.

• The house owner has no right to enter the room while guests are absent, except in situations when it is necessary to prevent any possible damage or danger. In such cases, the house owner is obliged to inform guests about entering the room.

• Guests will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the room property caused by them and they are obliged to report any such occurance and compensate for any loss/damage.

• It is not possible to stay in the room longer than it was agreed upon booking confirmation. Also, persons who were not listed in booking confirmation are not allowed to stay in the room.

• We do not accept pets in apartments.

• No smoking in rooms.

• Bringing in weapons, explosive and easily flammable material is not permitted.

• In the event of this regard of the house rules, the houst has the right to refuse further providing of services without refund.

Final booking confirmation means that you are familiar with house rules and that you agree with them.


Have a nice stay!

Thank You!